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Prince Andrew Resignation As William, Kate and Queen Concerned As US Police Involved

Those who support the Monarchy have been greatly concerned that Prince Andrew has damaged the Monarchy. It comes as a statement was released from the Palace announcing that Prince Andrew would be stepping down from all of his royal duties.

As it currently stands, there has been no official resignation of Prince Andrew from the Royal family. Although, many believe that after the car-crash interview on the BBC there will be no more active royal duties for the damaged Prince.

It comes as a national newspaper has said that key members’ of the Royal family, such as; William, Kate and the Queen, will be very concerned with that has happened. The Royal Family normally do not get involved in such dramatic affairs. It is likely that the Royal family will recover from this, but it is now unclear if Prince Andrew will ever return to his role.

This all stems from Prince Andrew’s links with sex-offender, Epstein, who abused many under age girls. The controversy stemmed from the Princes’ friendship with Epstein, and his apparent lack of remorse during a BBC interview discussing the relationship. There is now the likelihood that the Prince will be called to the USA to give evidence on his relationship with Epstein, further damaging the monarchy.