Home Politics Piers Morgan Launches Fresh Attack On ‘Butt-Hurt’ Remainers

Piers Morgan Launches Fresh Attack On ‘Butt-Hurt’ Remainers

There was outrage on twitter when a remain voter insisted that the Leave side should accept that they did not win the referendum. This is despite the Remain side losing the referendum in 2016.

Piers Morgan took to twitter to voice his concerns regarding the Brexit process. Piers Morgan says that he voted Remain yet will now support the process of the UK leaving the EU.

Piers Morgan said on twitter:
“Leave already won. Why is this simple fact so hard for Remainers to comprehend or accept? MPs are now disgracefully failing to deliver what the electorate voted for, because most of them are Remainers. As a Remainer myself, I find this assault on democracy appalling. “

The above tweet was in response to this tweet: “Here’s a quote from a John Buchan novel I read last night: “You can have success in this life if you don’t get victory”. I think that might be how Brexit gets resolved: no side can win, because it will cause too much resentment. Success will have to be without victory.”

It is clear that the remain side can no longer accept that the UK is leaving the European Union. It is time that they get a grip on the process and accept the UK will be leaving the EU.