Home News Owen Jones ‘terrified’ after being chased by Brexit Supporters

Owen Jones ‘terrified’ after being chased by Brexit Supporters

Political commentator Owen Jones was chased outside the Houses of Parliament by angry Brexit supporters, where he looked almost ‘terrified’ and ‘shaken’ by the same tactics used by the extreme left. Many on social media claim that the young looking man is getting a ‘taste of his own medicine’, after he is usually heard furiously dismissing the concerns of those who voted to leave the European Union.

It comes as Anna Soubry was also heckled and yelled at outside Parliament, in which she declared the ‘police should take action’ against anyone who is, what she calls ‘abused’ outside of the United Kingdom’s Parliament. The speaker of the House, John Bercow, has also raised his concerns and has asked the Police to look into tougher regulation when it comes to protesting outside the Houses of Parliament. Many are arguing that Nigel Farage sustained this level abuse for years, yet nothing happened to those protesters.

Owen Jones shared the clip with his 762,000 followers on Monday, Mr Jones said: “Just met some lovely Tommy Robinson fans and I’d love for you to get to know them too.” He looked as though he was laughing but many are pointing out that this was a front, the look in face he seemed ‘terrified’. One user on Twitter said: “This little man is getting a taste of what Poor Nigel Farage faced on a daily basis. He was one of the main ringleaders when it came to hounding Nigel and now he can’t take a taste of his own medicine.”