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Nigel Farage Slams ‘Biased’ speaker over Anti-Brexit motion

Nigel Farage has brilliantly shutdown the speaker, John Bercow, over his unprecedented intervention over a key Brexit defeat for Theresa May. It follows as Mr Bercow pushed through a motion that forces the government hands in the event of a ‘no deal’ to present parliament with a plan within 3 days of the defeat. It comes as the ‘biased’ speaker was also pulled up in the House of Commons over the sticker on his car which read: “Bollocks to Brexit”, raising further questions regarding his impartiality.

Farage, in a furious and heated outburst said: “He (the speaker) is not impartial on this or frankly any other issue. I think he’s stepped way over the mark today, he’s broken with parliamentary precedent. He’s ignored the legal advice he was given by the clerks of the House, he’s refused to publish that advice.

He added: “You know, a few months ago he was going to be sacked wasn’t he, remember the bullying scandal. All those things that were being said, he was going to be sacked, it was the Labour Party predominantly that kept him in place and they kept him in place because he wants to disrupt Brexit.”

Many are now calling on the speaker to resign immediately and for him to accept that is actively breaking protocol by being ‘biased’ in favour of remaining in the European Union. One Twitter user said: “The man is a joke to our parliamentary democracy, we have a remain stitch up headed by what should be an ‘impartial’ speaker; which he is not. Time for this joker to go and for someone with credibility to take over.”