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Nigel Farage Shocks Viewers as he Shuts Down Remainer Alastair Campbell For Demanding Second Vote

Nigel Farage has blasted ex-Labour Minister Alastair Campbell for demanding that there be another vote on whether or not the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.  Alastair Campbell and his allies want the UK to have a second vote, one which they call a ‘People’s Vote’.  The so-called ‘People’s Vote’ is a term they use to avoid calling it ‘another referendum’, knowing the public mood is against their agenda to derail Brexit, they continue anyway, wishfully hoping the majority of this country will cave into their demands of stopping Brexit.

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and Mr Farage made that clear to Campbell in a recent interview.  Alastair Campbell could be seen arguing with Nigel Farage, where he claimed there should be another vote to see if people of this country still want the UK to leave the EU.  Farage blasted Campbell and said that Campbell and his supporters cannot accept the referendum result.  Campbell was accused of only wanting another referendum because he lost the last one.

The majority of MP’s in Parliament see the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union as a problem, instead of an opportunity. It is in many people’s view that the United Kingdom should leave the EU without a transition period, especially one that sees the UK indefinitely locked into a customs arrangement with the European Union, as Theresa May would like to see.  Although, it is now clear that Theresa May will not get her so-called ‘deal’ passed through Parliament. 

Those who voted for Brexit need to remember that Brexit is not Theresa May’s hopeless withdrawal arrangement; it is an opportunity to develop our trading ties with the rest of the world as we start new exciting trading agreements of our own.  The majority of Brexit MP’s want to see the UK fully outside the EU, that means the customs union – something Theresa May needs to face up to in the coming future.