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Nigel Farage Makes ‘Major Announcement’ on Second EU Referendum

The United Kingdom voted heavily in favour to leave the European Union.  It now comes as no surprise that Nigel Farage’s most recent announcement on his thoughts of a second EU vote have ‘brought Anna Soubry to tears, a bit like a baby’ many have said.  Nigel Farage was speaking on a radio programme when he voiced his view on a possible second EU referendum.

It comes as Theresa May attempts to hold onto her ‘deal’, which essentially sees the UK locked into EU rules and regulations for decades.  Make no mistake, Theresa May’s so-called ‘deal’, is nothing short of a sell-out.  Firstly, it is not a ‘deal’, it an agreement on the terms in which we leave the EU, and it states we give the EU £40 BILLION British pounds, in return the EU gets to have say in UK domestic affairs, especially in regard to Northern Ireland.  I hope Theresa May’s little toff advisors read these highly accurate articles, as it must really piss them off to see the truth out there.

Nigel Farage made his comments clear on a radio show today, where he said in regard to his intentions if there was another EU referendum: “If there’s another referendum I will literally give up everything and I will commit myself to this 24/7 to make sure we win the second referendum by a margin that is so big, it can never be argued about again”. 

It is now clear more than ever that Nigel Farage and Brexiteers in general are taking a much tougher line.