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New EU President Gives Boris And Queen Threat And Says ‘Watch Your Tone’

The new EU President, Ursula von der Leyen, has been accused of stirring up the Brexit situation by telling reporters that certain players within the Brexit debate must ‘watch their tone’.

Boris Johnson has famously announced that he will walk away from the European Union without a deal, if required. The EU is terrified that the UK will not pay them £40 billion, the figure agreed through May’s surrender treaty.

The New President of the Commission has also suggested that she hopes the UK will U-turn and very much remain a member of the European Union.

Her Majesty the Queen has not intervened directly in the Brexit debate, but many Royals fans see the EU Presidents’ warning as one directly at the Royal Family, too. The Queen has not yet intervened, but with warnings not to, from a new President who thinks she’s as powerful as the Queen, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Queen hit back.

The United Kingdom was meant to leave the EU many months ago, but has failed to do so, and many blame Theresa May for her gross incompetence in getting us a deal, that truly works for the country. Theresa May wanted to handover the EU nearly £40 billion pounds.