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Minister Revels Likely Names Posed to Replace Theresa May As Prime Minister

An ex-Minister has given some details who of who will potentially replace Theresa May as the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Steve Baker, Member of Parliament for Wycombe, has suggested that the Prime Minister could be replaced by other prominent figures within the Conservative Party.  As it currently stands, 48 Conservatives have written a letter to the Conservative Party Chairman, which has provoked a leadership ballot on Theresa May’s future, to decide whether she will stay or be replaced.

The Conservative Party has been accused of ‘infighting’ by their opponents.  The reality is that Theresa May has issued a so-called ‘deal’ on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, one that many backbench Tory MP’s are not happy with. Theresa May’s current deal sets out a ‘backstop’ arrangement, which sees the UK locked into an indefinite transition period with the European Union, which many find appalling.

Steve Baker has revealed names who he thinks can replace Theresa May.  He said: “There are four people who have resigned from the Cabinet – Esther Mc Vey, Dominic Raab, David Davis and Boris Johnson – the four of them need to work out between them which one of them is going to be our candidate to unite the country, unite the party,and take us out of the EU successfully.”.

There is to be a vote tonight on whether or not Theresa May should stay or go.  Theresa May needs 51%of the total ballots from her Conservative MP’s.  If Theresa May fails to get the backing from the majority of her own Tory Members of Parliament, then it will start a leadership contest within the Conservative Party.  Exciting times, indeed…