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Meghan Offended Queen On New Year After Reports Show Duchess Moved Key Business Before Announcing Royal Departure To Queen

The Duchess of Sussex moved her company, Frim Fram Inc, from California to another US state. The moving of the company from California to Delaware would see the Duchess pocket more money, as often those who are rich move their companies to other states to avoid paying taxes. Delaware is used by the rich to avoid paying tax, suggests taxing experts.

The news regarding the tax situation was reported by a national newspaper. Although, there has now been suggestions that the move to another US state could offend the Queen. The move was before the announcement that the Duke and Duchess were seeking financial independence. Therefore, the couple were already planning their departure and moving businesses before they informed the Queen of their intention, this has sparked outrage from those who support the Monarchy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have revealed that they will be seeking financial independence from the Royal Family. Although, it is clear that the couple will be using public money to fund their life styles while they reach their financial independence. The news of the couples departure has angered many, as they used a vast amount of public money to set uo their new life.