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Meghan ‘Bad Influence’ On Harry As Couple Intervention In Brexit Debate

Meghan and Harry have recently involved themselves in a political statement within the Vogue magazine. Now it may come as no surprise that the couple may intervene in the Brexit situation that the United Kingdom currently faces.

The United Kingdom was meant to leave the European Union in March. The Royal Family are very politically neutral but recently the new Royal couple, Harry and Meghan, have involved themselves in politics within the topic of racism.

The Royal Family never ever give out their direct opinion on political matters. In fact, it is even quite rare for members’ of the Royal Family to talk about anything to do with politics, including the issue of race and the perceived challenges that those of a different colour allegedly face.

Supporters’ of the Royal Family have intervened and generally supported Harry speaking out against racism. It comes as Harry said that there is an ‘unconscious’ aspect to those who are racist, meaning, they don’t realise that they’re being racist.

Those who are Monarchists have voiced their concerns that the divergence that the Royal couple are showing towards royal protocol regarding politics, could mean that they involve themselves in the Brexit debate.

The Royal couple have not yet voiced their opinion on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. Although, it’s not certain if the couple will intervene and speak their opinion on the matter.