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Meghan and Harry Make Unusual Announcement As Meghan Blamed For Being ‘Bad Influence’

A national newspaper has reported an unusual announcement this week, which has certainly raised a few eyebrows. The Royal couple may be in need of more parenting tips, it seems.

Meghan and Harry are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The couple were married last year and have since caused a major stir in the media with their new political aspirations.

The Royal Family are incredibly politically neutral, but that hasn’t stopped Harry and Meghan bucking the trend, as they get involved in social politics, primarily the issue of racism within a prominent magazine, where they voiced their concerns of unconscious racism.

A national newspaper has announced that Meghan and Harry may wish to adopt a child in the future. In a bizarre move that no other Royal couple have taken part in, it would see the Royal Family bloodline ‘put up in tatters’ says one supporter of the Monarchy.

The bookies have it 5/1 that the Royal couple will adopt. This is a very unusual move. It seems that the Royal couple want to make a massive impact in their new found royal careers.

It comes as Meghan has been accused of “being a bad influence” on Harry by supporters of the Monarchy. In fairness, it must be tough for Meghan to come under such public scrutiny, especially in such a short period of time.

The United Kingdom overwhelmingly supports the monarchy. It is unclear what the public mood is in regard to Meghan Markle. The general consensus among those who support the Monarchy is that she’s trying to find her feet. Although, Meghan has to watch where she steps, as the public can be unforgiving when a new member of the Royal Family causes a stir.