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Major German Economist Gives No Deal Brexit Green Light As UK Set To Boom After We Leave

Deutsche Bank’s chief economist, David Folkerts-Landau, has hit back at suggestions that a clean-slate Brexit will be “bad” for the United Kingdom economy. The Deutsch Bank Chief says the opposite, that a well managed clean-slate will take the United Kingdom out of the constraints of the EU.

It comes as a previous report from Cardiff University has stated that the United Kingdom will be up to £135 billon better off under a clean-slate Brexit. This means that the UK will not be tied with EU protectionist rules and regulations.

The United Kingdom is now aiming for a clean-slate. The vast majority of the public now realise that Theresa May’s deal is well and truly dead, that means it has no chance no passing Parliament.

The reality is, that if the United Kingdom is able to secure its golden opportunity of a clean-slate then the likelihood is that the UK economy will prosper. This is mainly due to the fact that the UK can set its own bespoke trade deals with older and emerging economies, to suit the needs of the United Kingdom.

The European Union is now terrified that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on a clean-slate and prosper. Remainers are also aiming to block the UK leaving on a clean-slate as they’ll be utterly embarrassed when they’re proved wrong.