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Kate and Meghan have Queen worried says Expert

There have been reports that Meghan Markle is having a ‘tough time’ coming to terms with her role as the Duchess of Sussex. A Royal expert claims there is an active ‘rift’ between the two Duchesses, which has, Her Majesty, The Queen, ‘worried’. The scrutiny that Meghan has faced has played a role in her increased tensions with Kate and with her pregnancy, it isn’t making it any easier.

The rumours started when it was reported that Kate was left in tears when her daughter was fitted with a bridesmaid dress that she did not particularly like. The rift got apparently worse when Meghan asked for the Chapel that she was married in to have air fresheners fitted to get rid of the old smells, which was said to be an offensive comment by Royal staff.

Speaking on E! News, Ms Bromley revealed: “But Kate didn’t have this. Even Kate who, she had longer to prepare, any negative press she got was like, oh her mother worked for an airline, whatever it was, or Kate’s uncle was a bit controversial with his ‘Maison de Bang Bang’ in Ibiza. But it was nothing like this, what Meghan’s had to deal with as far as her father against her, her sister and her half brother, has been terrible.”

Guest Erin Lim agreed: “Yeah she has everything stacked against her. While it was great at first – it looks great on the outside, becoming a duchess, becoming a princess – but it’s horrific. It’s a gilded cage and now she’s under so much negative attention and there’s nothing she can do about it.” It is reportedly that Meghan is taking steps to heal some of the divisions and is taking comments by the Queen in her stride as she works on making her Royal life stress free.