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Jeremy Corbyn Deeply Offends Queen As Meghan and Harry Get Into Political Fight

Her Majesty the Queen has been a vital piece of the United Kingdom’s constitutional framework for many decades. Her Majesty the Queen is looking extremely closely at current political events surround the Brexit debate, say supporters’ of the Monarchy.

It comes as the United Kingdom could prepare itself for another General Election, one which could see anti-royalist, Jeremy Corbyn, become Prime Minister.

The Labour Party, since moving to the fringes of the left, has aligned itself with a very anti-royalist approach.

It’s thought that Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are both not fans of the Royal Family. This could mean that the Royal Family would be under financial threat under a Labour government.

Harry and Meghan have now gotten themselves in a political boxing match, as they both highlight racial issues. In what many say was a political move, the couple intervened in race politics and stated that there is an unconscious racism within society.

The United Kingdom has a strong tradition of supporting members’ of the Royal Family. The UK, as a country, overwhelmingly supports the Queen as sovereign and as Head of State.

It’s thought that a anti-royal labour government could exclude the Queen and other members’ of the Royal Family from key political events, this risks alienating the Royal Family from UK politics.

Many royal fans have suggested that the Queen would be deeply offended by a far more anti-Royal approach by the Labour Party.