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Jacob Rees-Mogg: “May Should Go See [Her Majesty] The Queen and Resign”

Jacob Rees-Mogg has claimed that Theresa May should ‘Go and See the Queen’ as he dramatically involves Her Majesty the Queen in the Brexit debate.  Many have suggested online that the Queen should make an intervention on the Brexit situation by using her prerogative powers as Sovereign of the United Kingdom. There has been comments of support online with many saying the Queen would get us out of the EU fully and far more gracefully that the current Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Her Majesty the Queen and all other members of the Royal Family are politically neutral.  It is not clear what the Her Majesty’s opinion is on Brexit, though many feel that the Queen would back the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.  It is not clear what the other members of the Royal Family think of the situation, but comments online from fans of the Royal Family suggest that the Royals are sympathetic to Brexit.

Theresa May is currently still touring the EU after winning the vote of confidence last night.  It is not certain how she will pass a future withdrawal agreement, as most of her MP’swill vote against it along with DUP, making it difficult for the Conservative party to pass the withdrawal agreement she has made with the European Union.  Theresa May is currently attempting to get compromise on the ‘backstop’ situation with Northern Ireland.

Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “Under all constitutional norms she[Theresa May] should go see the Queen and resign… The overwhelming majority of her non-paid back benchers have voted against her, she clearly doesn’t have the confidence of the Commons – she should make way for someone who does.”.

It is not yet clear what kind of arrangement the Prime Minister will try and offer the British public.  It is in my personal opinion that the UK should leave the European Union without any notion of a so-called “deal”, we do not need a withdrawal arrangement.  The UK should simply leave the EU, revert to WTO trading arrangements and negotiate from fully outside the European Union.