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Jacob Rees-Mogg ‘Humiliates Diane Abott and Jeremy Corbyn’ During Interview

There has been suggestions that Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn will be ‘left in tears’ after an interview Jacob Rees-Mogg had with Sky News totally dismisses any notion of a so-called ‘Brexit Deal’ that will damage the United Kingdom being passed through Parliament.  May hopes to push her weak deal through Parliament, one that essentially sees the UK bound by many EU laws and regulations after leaving the EU.

Rees-Mogg spoke to Sky News and said: “I’m getting a bit concerned with this obsession with drink that seems to be cropping up in this programme this afternoon.  I’m not convinced that a drinks party at Downing Street counts as a fundamental change in the Brexit debate, charming though such events are and I’m looking forward to going with my wife to such a drinks party tomorrow.  But nobody I’ve spoken to in the Conservative Party or in the DUP has changed his or her mind on the failures of the withdrawal agreement.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg went on to say: “Mrs May may have had conversations with her European counterparts, but they don’t seem to have delivered anything.  What is the concrete change? Where is the beef, so to speak?”

There has also been more suggestions that Diane Abbott will be ‘in tears’ over Jacob Rees-Mogg and his resilience to see the United Kingdom outside the EU.  One comment on facebook read: “Diane Abbott must be in tears, Jacob Rees-Mogg was straight and to the point in this interview”.