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Irish Prime Minister Disgustingly Disrespects Queen In Anti Brexit Rant

The Irish Prime Minister, a complete nobody, that has found fame within the Brexit debate, has said that the UK cannot cope with its “decline”. This comes after the UK bailed out the struggling Irish economy in 2010, with the Loans to Ireland Act 2010, where the UK virtually handed the Irish Billions.

Leo Varadkar, the nobody Prime Minister of Ireland, was being interviewed on Irish radio where he slammed the UK as a country that is no longer important, although, funnily enough, they depend on us for their defence, especially the Irish skies, where they seek the RAF to patrol their airspace, funny that.

The Queen, as sovereign of the United Kingdom will be disgusted by such remarks. Her Majesty, as sovereign power, will hopefully push for stern words towards the nobody Irish Prime Minister, a vile creature, indeed, back in your box, little man.

The nobody undemocratic remainer said: “A consequence of Brexit for Britain is that it will fall into relative economic decline for many decades, probably be overtaken by France again and slowly over time it’ll be overtaken by lots of countries in Asia,” Mr Varadkar told the Newstalk radio station.”

“One of the difficulties for Britain is they’re struggling to cope with the fact that as a country and an economy they’re not as important in the world as they used to be. There are 100 million people living in Vietnam, they’re going to be overtaken by Korea, India economically.”