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Humiliating Blow To EU Leaders‘ As Team Boris Proves EU President Wrong As UK Secures Billion No Deal

European Commission President, Jean-Claude Junker, naively issued a threat to the United Kingdom. Although, it’s clear that the EU President does not have his facts in front of him, as he has been utterly humiliated in a devastating blow to the EU.

The President of the European Commission has been a hot-head within the Brexit negotiations. It was clear that Theresa May let him walk all over her, especially when it came to the Brexit withdrawal negotiations. At one point Junker Offended Mrs May, but she did nothing, as usual, she let him use her as a door-mat.

The European Union President has claimed that the United Kingdom would be “worse off” than the EU from a so-called ‘No Deal’. These remarks are factually incorrect. The United Kingdom has a large trade deficit with the EU to the tune of £60 billion. That means they export more goods to us than we do to them.

It’s clear, if the European Union export more than £60 billion worth of goods to us, than we export to them, who will really be the biggest losers? The UK now does more trade with the rest of the world than it does the EU. It’s thought once we leave the EU, that the bloc will become even more insignificant to the United Kingdom.

Is the EU President suggesting that Germany will be happy with being denied access to the UK market? They export billions worth in cars to the UK every single year. The EU have more to lose in this than we do; they’d automatically lose £39 billion agreed in Theresa May’s surrender treaty, we then keep the money and invest it into British schools and hospitals and not Romanian or Polish ones – sound good? Yep, thought so! NO DEAL NOW.