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Harry and Meghan Will Miss Part of Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will miss part of Princess Eugenie’s Wedding it has been reported.  The Royal couple will not be staying for the entire event.  Prince Harry is cousins with Princess Eugenie.  It is not clear how Princess Eugenie feels about Harry and Meghan missing part of the wedding.

Princess Eugenie will marry her long-term partner on the 12th of October.  The wedding will not be on the same grand-scale of that as Prince Harry or Meghan, but will no doubt be watched by thousands, if not millions, of people all around the world.  It is a very unique and special event, giving that the Royal Family do not normally allow cameras close into their lives.

The Royal wedding will be a small-scale event compared to other Royal events, but that does not stop Royal Fans and their excitement at the upcoming Royal Wedding.  The Royal Family often celebrate their weddings with grandeur and seek to impress.  Their is mounting speculation as to what kind of dress Eugenie will be wearing on her big day.

The reason for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge missing part of the wedding is that they will be busy catching their flight to Australia, where they are taking part in their Commonwealth tour.  The only part of the day they will miss is the after-party section, so I am sure not too many tears will be shed.