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Harry and Meghan: Royal Expert Claims Couple Will Face ‘Biggest Test’ of Marriage

A Royal Expert has made a dramatic warning to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  The Royal Expert has told a national newspaper that the couple will soon face their ‘biggest test’.  It comes as it was announced last month that the Royal Couple will be expecting a child.

Clarissa Bloom, a relationship expert said: “A baby can form a number of challenges and changes, both exciting and daunting in equal measure, therefore the structure and support within a relationship is critical.  Childbirth is beyond tiring, which can lead to some tension.”

“Meghan and Harry might not have faced any major relationship issue and argument considering how young their marriage is, therefore they will have to see how they handle the late nights and lack of sleep.”

The Royal Family are an extremely private family, therefore it is not uncommon for there to be a lacking of detail in regards to Meghan and her pregnancy.  It is unclear if the Palace will release a further statement in the coming weeks ahead with a update regarding the Duchess of Sussex’s baby.

The Royal couple are on a tour around the Commonwealth of Nations where they visited New Zealand.  At one point in the tour Meghan recognised a member of the public from her Instagram account, which had everybody talking.