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Government Announces New Measures As Queen Issues New Warning

The United Kingdom government has issued a series of new measures aimed at softening the blow against the impact of the COVID-19, the highly contagious and severe respiratory condition that is impacting thousands around the country. The UK government, including the Prime Minister, have issued their agenda.

The UK government will now ensure that workers will not lose their jobs. The government has announced that HMRC will set up a system for grants to be accessed and wages to be paid directly from the Government. It comes as the Prime Minister has now ordered the closure of pubs, clubs, restaurants and gyms. The UK is in a state of lockdown, which is designed to limit the chances of cross-infection.

The government has reiterated that the country must now ensure that it follow the recommendations to stay at home, unless it is absolutely necessary that you leave. Supermarkets will still be open. It is advised that Britons continue with their hand washing, social distancing and do not panic. The virus will be defeated, if we work together to ensure that we follow the protocols outlined by the government.