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French President Threatens Queen After UK Ends Foreign Vessels Taking British Fish

The United Kingdom will fully withdraw itself from the European Union on the 31st of October. This means that the UK will have complete sovereign control of its waters.

As it currently stands, The United Kingdom’s part of the Common Fisheries Policy, this means that foreign EU vessels can freely fish in British waters.

The United Kingdom has an enormous coastline that the French, in particular, like to exploit so that they can catch British fish. Many British fishermen have had a standoff experience with foreign vessels fishing in UK waters.

Boris Johnson has announced that the United Kingdom will leave the EU and Common Fisheries Policy as part of the United Kingdom’s greatly anticipated exit from all aspects of the European Union.

The French President has warned the United Kingdom that it just sign Theresa May’s surrender document, outlining that we hand the EU £39 billion. This is unacceptable, the EU should not receive £39 billion – this surrender document signed off by May and rejected three times by Parliament, is a national disgrace.

The French continue to threaten UK sovereignty by undermining Her Majesty’s right to oversee all aspects of her sovereign territory. The threats from the French should be seen as a direct threat to the sovereign of the United Kingdom, Her Majesty the Queen, for failing to respect the Queens’ right to her sovereign territorial waters.

The French have been giving the UK warnings regarding Brexit for many weeks. It’s thought that the United Kingdom is done with being used as door-mat, and is finally finding it’s backbone.