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French President Insults Queen With Latest Threat As UK Economy Booms

French President, Emanuel Macron, has reiterated his intentions that the United Kingdom should pay the EU billions of pounds when it leaves the EU.

As the Brexit deadline to October steadily approaches, it’s clear that EU leaders’ are getting increasingly worried that the EU will not get their £40bn that Theresa May was happy to surrender.

Now, many suggest that the Queen would be offended by the forwardness of Emanuel Macron, he has been using increasingly tense language, in his Napoleon Syndrome fuelled ability to try and budge the UK to hand the French Billions.

The United Kingdom has been on the brink of leaving the EU since March. Unfortunately, due to the gross incompetence and defeatist remainer attitude of Theresa May, she failed to deliver the UK’s exit from the European Union. Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in history, and has no backbone, silly centrist.

The United Kingdom will change its negotiation technique under Boris, as the UK will soon demand key concessions, if none are made, the UK will leave the European Union at the end of October, without a deal, and it will be a success, say key economists.

The mainstream media have pushed an agenda of fear around a so-called “no deal”, in reality, there was no such thing as a “deal”, it was simply a withdrawal arrangement (surrender treaty), that the EU wanted to trap Britain into, and silly gullible May fell right into it, with her snake of a chancellor, Hammond, holding the reigns.