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French Leader Issues Boris Warning As UK Demand End To Stealing of UK Fish

The French President, Emanuel Macron, has said that Boris Johnson has one week to come up with a Brexit Plan regarding the Irish Border Issue. It comes as the UK has demanded to the EU, including France, that British fish be protected.

The latest warning coincides with a large foreign EU vessel from Lithuania that is currently ploughing through UK waters. The large EU fishing vessel is said to be “catching all it can from UK waters” before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

As part of the European Union, the United Kingdom is a member of the Common Fisheries Policy. This means that all members of the EU can launch their vessels and fish in Britain’s large coastline. Lithuania’s coastline is tiny in comparison to Britain’s, therefore, the UK sees its waters disproportionately fished in, compared to what we take back from EU waters.

The British public have now had enough of the European Union having such a large say over our affairs. The EU itself is a greatly declining trade bloc. The Germans depend heavily on an industry that will see major decline as battery powered cars come into play. France sees major government intervention stifling economic freedoms, topped with uncontrolled borrowing. Italy and Spain see high youth unemployment and neglected infrastructure, hampering their ability to propel themselves economically into the next decade.

The United Kingdom is now jumping ship, as it clearly sees itself as a global, outward-looking country – away from the limitations of the European Union.