Home News Firefighter suspended over supportive social media posts for Tommy Robinson

Firefighter suspended over supportive social media posts for Tommy Robinson

A firefighter named ‘Jono Booth’ has allegedly been suspended from duty in Nottinghamshire after posting support for Tommy Robinson publicly on Facebook.  Mr Booth has now taken to social media to voice his concerns on the matter.  There are many people who are outraged.

Tommy Robinson was sentenced to thirteen months in prison after breeching court orders.  There have been many people on social media voicing their anger towards the Judge’s sentencing of Tommy Robinson.

Mr Booth has now used Facebook to hit out at what he sees as clampdown of freedom of speech in the United Kingdom.  He says that it is “disgusting” that child abusers and racists are “getting away” with their alleged crimes, yet Tommy is locked up in a prison cell.

There were fears for Tommy Robinson’s life during the week as his family were denied the right to visit him, with no explanation.  There was then further concerns that Tommy could have been hurt in the prison, though this has not been confirmed.

Mr Booth says he is saying what he “feels is right” in light of Tommy Robinson’s arrest.  He has also hit out at the Politically Correct within the fire service who are “carrying on in their blinkered little world pretending everything is ok”, he goes onto say “trust me, everything is not ok.”.

Mr Booth has had his on-call alert device confiscated and his identification badge taken away, as the fire service investigate Mr Booth’s social media.  It is not clear what will follow for Mr Booth, though many venting their anger towards the fire service for treating him in an “unbelievable” manner.