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Farage Blasts Anna Soubry As She’s Accused of ‘Double-Standards’

Nigel Farage was involved in a heated debate where he accused certain authorities of having ‘Double-Standards’ when speaking about the abuse Anna Soubry received outside Parliament. It comes as Anna Soubry MP was shouted at outside Westminster for ‘betraying’ voters. Nigel Farage blasted Soubry and those on the Remoan side for saying that they had received ‘abuse’.

Nigel Farage claimed in his interview that he had also gotten a lot of abuse off the back of the EU referendum. Nigel Farage explained how is car was vandalised and that his family was also attacked. It is clear for many that the establishments’ priority is to save-guard their perceived Remain-Angel-toff-elite scum-bags that reside in the Palace of Westminster.

Nigel Farage said in his interview:

“MPs, public figures, should be free to go out and express their opinion without the threat of violence.

“But if we try now to put in place laws or if the police start prosecuting people for throwing terms of abuse, that reaction I think would be over the top.

“I remember once going to Edinburgh and being attacked by a mob of eighty people in the street – language and abuse and intimidation far worse than we saw yesterday.

“And I was told by Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland, that I basically deserved it because I’d come to Scotland where I wasn’t popular.

“So there’s a real double standard that those of us that have taken on the establishment have to endure the abuse, those within the establishment get a taste of it and suddenly they want the law changed.”

Source: GMB TV

It is clear that the establishment have an agenda to save guard the remain portion of MP’s and disregard any abuse that the MP’s who voted remain have received. The Speaker of the House of Commons, Bercow, is biased and favours his remain-elite friends. Is this any surprise? Many have said that Farage has brought Anna Soulbry ‘to tears’ over his remarks.