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Falkland Islands under fear as Argentina steps up War Exercises

Argentina has staged a ‘massive’ mock invasion of the Falkland islands, threatening the islanders and the mandate they made to remain British in a referendum a few years ago. It comes as the Island celebrates over 30 years since Britain won the Falkland’s War and brought the islands back under British command.

A Whitehall source said last night: “We are aware of what happened thanks to information supplied by a nearby friendly country.” Britain does have a developed plan to address “unwanted Argentine attention”, he added, and “three islands makes things more complicated, but certainly not insurmountable”.

General Thompson, who commanded 3 Commando Brigade during the Falkland’s war, warned that Argentina may enact the plan if Jeremy Corbyn comes to power. He said: “Argentina has a three-year window before our new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is fully operational. And a Corbyn government, which is not out of the question, may well give them the opportunity to strike with plans like these. It is highly unlikely that Corbyn would sanction military action to hold the islands, and Argentina knows this.”

Many people on social media are concerned that Argentina may push to regain the Falkland Island’s, especially since Britain is without fully functional carriers for another few years. One user said:”we need to be ready, they could attack the Falkland islands and we would be sitting like ducks, without any resources to take them back. Who would we call, the Americans? I doubt they would want to help us.”