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European Union accused of ‘bullying’ UK over British military personnel secondments

The European Union is refusing to assist British military personnel post-Brexit.  The EU has told current staff from the United Kingdom that their current roles in assisting the EU will be terminated following the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.  This comes as the EU has also threatened to shut the UK out their satellite programme after the UK leaves the EU.

The United Kingdom has around thirteen military personnel helping the European Union’s military staff.  The UK has a deep tradition with supporting and training other nations in broadening their military capabilities.  The UK prides itself on its top-class training capabilities.  The EU has shunned the current British staff working in the EU and told them they will essentially be of no use to the EU post-Brexit.

The Ministry of Defence has stated that the European Union will look at the secondments from the UK to EU on an individual basis, meaning no British staffs’ job based in Brussels is secure.  There are suggestions that the European Union is attempting to “bully” Britain for its decision to withdraw from the European Union.

The missions between the European Union and Britain are long-standing, and many suggest that our departure from the European Union should not interfere in our military relationship.  As it stands, the United Kingdom has the second largest defence spending within the European Union, and arguably, the most capable and advanced military, therefore the suggestion that the EU is shutting out Britain seems nonsensical for the EU which relies on the UK’s capabilities for its power-projection.