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EU Now Regret Bullying As Team Boris Deliver Major Blow As Queen Takes Charge

The United Kingdom has delivered a major blow to the European Union’s plan for stopping the UK from leaving the bloc. It comes as Boris Johnson made a statement on Twitter, outlining that the UK will leave without a surrender document.

The United Kingdom has been at a crossroads regarding the Brexit situation for months. The UK had hoped it would’ve left the UK on the 29th of March, although, this did not occur, due to the gross incompetence and reluctance of Theresa May, worst Prime Minister in British history.

The United Kingdom is set to take charge of the Brexit situation as it offered the EU a new compromise this week. Sadly, the EU failed to see the undemocratic backstop as the issue, therefore, Team Boris issued a major blow to the hopes of Pro-EU leaders on the continent.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without a so-called deal. This means that no Withdrawal Agreement would be reached, and the UK would then automatically save £39 billion and then be able to commence free trade talks.

The Queen is looking on closely at events. It comes as Prince Harry is aiming to sue major newspapers for large sums of cash. Many have criticised the Duke for the move.