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EU Leaders Disrespect Queen With New £39 Billion Demand As Team Boris Don’t Rule Out No Deal

There has been suggestions that EU leaders have been disrespecting the Queen. It comes as Team Boris aim to secure and pass their new Withdrawal Agreement within the United Kingdom Parliament tomorrow.

As it currently stands, Her Majesty the Queen does not get overly involved with political matters. The Royal Family in general, do not involve themselves in political matters affecting the United Kingdom, but there has been exceptions – notably on climate change.

Although, this has not stopped supporters of the Royal Family suggesting that leaders within the EU have disrespected Her Majesty. It comes as EU leaders aim to take some aspects of the Queen’s sovereignty away from her.

Supporters of the Royal Family feel that the Queen should be consulted on all matters relating to the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, although this has not been happening.

The Queen is said to be looking on at events closely. As the Queen is the sovereign of the United Kingdom, it’s in her interest to ensure that Brexit runs smoothly.