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EU Leaders Disrespect Queen As Team Boris Deliver EU Devastating Blow Over £39 Billion

The United Kingdom sovereign, Her Majesty the Queen, has been deeply disrespected by EU leaders. It comes as Boris Johnson has delivered fresh proposals to the European Union that would see a frictionless Border between the UK and Ireland, post Brexit.

The United Kingdom Monarch has been watching the Brexit events unfold extremely closely. Although, there are some concerns that EU leaders abroad are disrespecting the Queen by suggestions they have made recently directed towards the UK’s constitutional monarchy system.

The United Kingdom voted by vast majority to leave the European Union. Sadly, the Remain faction in Parliament has not allowed the country to leave the stagnating bloc, thereby betraying the wishes of the British people.

Recently, the Remain faction were able to take control of parliamentary business and force through legislation that would stop the UK leaving the EU without a surrender document. It’s now clear, the Remainers will stop and nothing to inhibit the UK from actually leaving the grip of the European Union.

The Queen has been offended by EU leaders, say supporters of the Monarchy, this is because there has been calls for the UK’s political system to change, as EU leaders want more control over the UK Parliament.