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EU gets aggressive and blocks UK Galileo access

The European Union has officially backed proposals to block the United Kingdom from accessing the Galileo satellite system, in a move which will make tensions between the UK and the EU very frosty. It is the most recent aggressive action the EU has taken, the UK will have to decide whether it retaliates or allows the EU to exert its aggression over Great Britain.

The move was agreed by all 27 members states of the European Union, close allies, including France agreed with leading EU officials to ban Britain from the satellite programme. The UK has invested over £1bn of cash into the project over the years, it will now have to decide to create its own satellite programme.

European Union officials have suggested that if the UK had access to the system outside the EU, that a ‘foreign’ country outside of the union could effectively turn the satellite off.

A UK government source said:

“The suggestion the UK could ‘switch off the system’ is absurd fearmongering which ignores the strength of UK support for Europe’s security, our shared aims in Nato, and our common interests.”

“It implies they wish to treat us as a hostile state, which is frankly laughable. Of course, if they really are worried about it we could easily provide safeguards on that point in the terms of our access.”

Theresa May will now have to decide if it will seek heavy compensation after being blocked from the programme or, alternatively, the UK could cut the Brexit bill and offer the European Union a revised figure. Many on social media are calling on the government to stand for itself and not continue to be pushed over.