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EU attempt to bully Britain over Irish border will not work

The UK will leave the European Union in March 2019, it is vital that during the lead up to our withdrawal the United Kingdom’s integrity as a nation is not put at risk. The UK government must not allow the SNP in Edinburgh the leverage to use Brexit as another mandate for a second referendum on Scotland’s future. Nor should we allow the Irish border issue to be used by the European Union to erode the precious integrity of the UK.

When our country takes the bold step outside the European single market and customs union, it will open a whole new line of opportunities for the UK. Instead of being tied to a European market, we can open Britain up globally for business, striking trade deals across the world. This, if anything, shows a new outward looking country, not solely constrained to a European market; rather to a global one.

The Prime Minister, recently wrote an article for the Sunday Times, declaring she was a “unionist first and foremost”. This is the kind of language that we need from a Prime Minister, I congratulate her for it and hope it is a sincere statement. I stress this because the European side of the Brexit table, are actively undermining the UK’s integrity on their refusal to cooperate over the Irish border issue. This act of naivety from our European partners, only adds to the fuel to why people in Britain felt the need to leave the European Union. It is needless, constitutional crisis imposing from Europe, it must end for both sides to move on.

Britain outside the European Union strengthens the unique bond of our country, it brings back relevance to why the United Kingdom exists as a nation. It shows the importance of a UK single market, where goods and services flow freely without any barriers or restrictions. It reinforces the idea of Britishness as an identity that has democracy and free speech at its core. That is why the Prime Minister, even though she voted ‘remain’ respects the mandate from the British people. It is a core principle of British values, to respect democracy- no party or public figure can win against the British public and stop Brexit.

It is of my opinion, that we should not be sold short and allow the European Union to stir up a constitutional crisis. If they continue to seek to undermine our integrity as a nation with the Irish border issue; then we should walk away without a deal and negotiate directly with the Irish republic. Britain has made clear that it will not erect a hard border, therefore, it will be left to Ireland or the European Union to create a barrier and not the United Kingdom.