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Diane Abbott Makes A Worrying Confession on Twitter

Diane Abbot has come under intense scrutiny over her judgement when it comes to cyber security and her awareness of popular common scams that can compromise a person’s financial security. One includes fraudsters phoning and requesting remote access to your PC, as they have found a virus on your computer, which turns out to be a lie.

It has now come to light that the Shadow Home Secretary has admitted to falling for such a scam and handing over control of her PC to a stranger. Once the person has access to the PC they then try and steal sensitive information such as passwords and bank details.

It has many people very worried that a member of parliament in her position could fall for such a prank. It is not uncommon for shadow secretaries to hold sensitive information on national security. It will come to no surprise that the security services will be deeply worried if Mrs Abbott ever becomes the Home Secretary under a Corbyn government.

Ladbrokes currently has the chance of a Labour Government at 4-1, which would mean that Diane would have control as Home Secretary for cybersecurity, as well as crime and policing. This will give many people a second thought when thinking of trusting a Labour government when it comes to the next General Election, which could be sooner rather than later.