Home News Diane Abbott confronted by Jewish passenger on London underground

Diane Abbott confronted by Jewish passenger on London underground

A video has emerged of an angry Jewish passenger confronting Diane Abbott over her alleged antisemitic remarks regarding the Jewish community and their dress. The passenger records Diane and asks her a series of questions, Mrs Abbott refuses to answers and walks off to the other carriage.

Mr Rose, 18 from Cockfosters, North London, can be heard in the video asking Ms Abbott: “The Jewish people – Why did you tell us that you wear costumes? You said the costumes they wear in Stamford Hill – I watched Question Time that day when you said about the costumes you wear.  Because it’s not called a costume, love – it’s called a religious piece of clothing.”

The MP for Hackney said: “I take anti-Semitism very seriously.  Partly because I’ve literally spent a lifetime fighting racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination of all sorts. But partly because in Hackney I have one of the oldest Jewish communities in the country and I respect that history. In my constituency, I have a community of Charedi Jews that are actually subject to hate crime more than other Jews, because they wear that costume, they walk to Synagogue.”