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Corbyn under pressure to deliver second EU referendum

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a backlash from several of his own MP’s who are demanding that Labour publicly support a second referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.

There are 10 MP’s from the region of Wales who are backing a vote on any withdrawal agreement and there are also two shadow ministers who are of the same view, putting further pressure on Mr Corbyn.

The two aides are Anna McMorrin, the MP for Cardiff North, and Tonia Antoniazzi, the MP for Gower, both are parliamentary private secretaries to shadow cabinet members.

Some Conservative MP’s have demanded that Jeremy Corbyn sack them from their posts after this call goes against what the British people mandated for in June 2016.

A unnamed Labour source according to the Express said that Ms McMorrin and Ms Antoniazzi had been “spoken to and reminded of their responsibilities”.

The MPs backing the demand for a vote on any withdrawal deal by campaign group Wales for Europe, signed an open letter that stated:

“The issue now is what we think about the Brexit deal that the Prime Minister brings back.

“Will it be the right deal for the people of Wales and the rest of the UK?

“Will it secure a good future for our young people and allow them to thrive?

The letter finally added:

“For all these reasons we are coming together, on a cross-party basis, to speak out for the people of Wales and to demand, for them, and for everybody else in the UK, a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.”