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Corbyn slammed for ‘Looking like a scruff’ On Remembrance Sunday

Jeremy Corbyn has been slammed for not dressing in an appropriate manner at the remembrance Sunday service, as he appeared to turn up in a ‘cheap’ raincoat. This was opposed to a formal dress coat that he wore last year, prompting many of his critics to announce that he has disrespected the war dead and heroes for not showing the proper respect required from a party leader.

A caller speaking on TalkRadio was furious with Mr Corbyn and said: “It’s an insult to have him there on Armistice Day. I think if the Labour Party had anything about them, they would ask him to respectfully stay away and maybe put someone in like Keir Starmer or someone else who doesn’t have to be forced to wear a poppy. Corbyn, God forbid that man ever gets in to power in this country. It would be an absolute national disaster.”

Corbyn did appear sympathetic and wrote on Twitter: “On Remembrance Sunday, we commemorate all those killed in war as we strive for a world of peace. We must honour our commitments to those who served in our armed forces.” Many have said that Mr Corbyn can do no right in some people’s eyes and that any of his actions are taken out of context, with the sole aim of attacking Corbyn.

Writing on Sunday, the Prime Minister said: “One hundred years after the guns fell silent on the Western Front, each and every one of us can pause to reflect on the immense sacrifices that were made by so many.” Two leaders with different styles, one formal and another informal- many on social media are split between who is right and wrong when it comes to clothing for such an event.