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Corbyn Insults the Queen as Health Concerns Raised

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of “insulting” Her Majesty the Queen. It comes as the Labour Leader has been very sceptical of the United Kingdom’s monarchy.

There has been suggestions that Jeremy Corbyn’s links with the IRA mean that he does not support the Monarchy. It is also possible that Corbyn supports the United Kingdom becoming a republic, dumping the Monarchy and Queen as head of state.

Her Majesty the Queen is now 90 years old and many have raised concerns with her ability to continue to reign as the Sovereign. It is clear, that Her Majesty is a very strong and well-kept woman, therefore there should be no cause for concern regarding her health.

The Labour Party have generally been in favour of the Monarch, but since Jeremy Corbyn took to opposition many have said that Labour have hardened its approach towards the Monarchy, making them more anti-monarchy.