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Concerns Raised As Second 30 Year Old Man Pupil Removed From Ipswich School

A school at the centre of a major crisis has admitted that it has removed another pupil from its school, as it was found that he was over 30 years old. There is now an official government probe on-going, as grown men are being found in class rooms across Ipswich, which has many parents worried for their children’s safety.

The school issued a statement on the issue: “A student in Year 7 is also not currently attending school. We cannot comment further on individual cases, but we have followed Government and local authority policies and guidance, as we do for any admissions matter. We are continuing to liaise with the authorities on this. We have informed parents of the situation and will continue to keep them updated as we receive information.”

A mother of a son who attends the school said: “Looking at photos of this man, he is clearly older than 30. How can someone like this be eating with children, changing with children and learning with our children while pretending to be a teenager? He could be harmless but he could also be a dangerous man. I am terrified to think what would happen if he started a relationship with a young girl who thought he was her age.”

The Home Office was asked for a comment but said: “We do not routinely comment on individual cases.”. This isn’t surprising as it seems the government want to put their fingers in their ears and pretend incidents like these are not happening. It is time the government take serious action to prevent grown men, who may be dangerous turning up in classrooms across the country.