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Boris Warning To French As They Demand To Fish In British Waters After Brexit

Boris Johnson has said that the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union on the 31st if October, deal or no deal. It comes as the French have demanded access to British fishing waters.

The United Kingdom is part of the Common Fisheries Policy, which allows foreign vessels within the EU, free reign over British fish and waters. It’s hoped leaving the EU will put this to an end.

The French have demanded that they be allowed to fish in British waters after the United Kingdom leaves the EU, as part of Theresa May’s surrender treaty. It’s not clear yet what fishing arrangement will be in place, but it is hoped the UK will take full control of its waters.

Boris Johnson hit back at an EU directive last night which demands that to post a fish in the mail, it must have an ice pack, for years this was not required, but EU bureaucracy has forced a British company into real financial trouble.

Boris has gave a warning to French leader, Emanuel Macron, that we are leaving the EU, and that includes the Common Fisheries Policy – so beat it, and get out of our waters!! No deal – WTO Now!