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Boris Sends EU Dramatic Warning After UK Exits From Key EU Funding Meetings

Boris Johnson has played a dramatic hand that is bringing fear into EU officials. It comes as the United Kingdom now fully prepares itself to leave the EU.

The European Union has been adamant that they will not budge on the so-called ‘backstop’ – a mechanism designed to lock the UK into the EU indefinitely and the only way out would be for the EU to agree.

The new Government of Boris Johnson is now sending the EU a very clear message. The UK is now withdrawing itself from key meetings surrounding EU business, this means the UK is not committed to further spending talks, bringing direct financial fear to the EU.

The United Kingdom is now taking a tough new stance towards the EU after making a mockery of the country under Theresa May.

It’s hope that the United Kingdom will leave with no withdrawal agreement, allowing the UK to flourish immediately, without the constraints and regulatory alignment of the EU.

The deadline is the 31st if October. It is now hopeful that the UK will get the clean-slate Brexit that is truly deserves.