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Boris’ New Brexit Negotiation Team Scares French As Britain Goes For No Deal

Boris Johnson will appoint a new Brexit negotiation team that will bring fear to pro-Remain EU leaders’ across the European Union, say his supporters.

As it currently stands, Theresa May’s negotiation team were a bunch of Remain civil servants, one of which, demanded that he be allowed to have a Belgian passport after Brexit – what a joke that man was.

The United Kingdom, under Theresa May’s surrender treaty, would hand the EU over £39 billion pounds, and Theresa May declared it as a “good deal”, it clearly wasn’t. Her deal also locked the UK into a permanent customs union if a free trade agreement could not be reached within two years – what a mess!

Now, since Boris aims to take the reigns at number 10, it is increasingly likely that the United Kingdom will take a far tougher approach, in that Boris says he will walk away without any sort of surrender treaty.

The United Kingdom was meant to leave the European Union in March, but this did not happen, mainly due to the fact that Theresa May wanted to sell the UK off to the EU and then make us one of their colonies, as suggested by the EU negotiation team.

It is thought that Boris will make up a tough negotiation team, which could include Nigel Farage, as has been suggested among supporters. If Nigel was to play part of the negotiations, it’s clear the UK would get a far better deal.