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Boris Makes No Deal Brexit Announcement As UK Now Ready for WTO Brexit

Boris Johnson was being interviewed by Andrew Neil from the BBC last night. There was some interesting announcements made by Boris which now indicate the UK is ready and willing for a No Deal successful Brexit.

Andrew Neil has been accused of peddling BBC “doom and gloom” by Andrew Neil. These accusations from Boris come as the majority of the United Kingdom want a more positive approach to Brexit, and not the BBC’s agenda of scaremongering that they seem to peddle daily, surrounding the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Boris Johnson announced in his interview that the UK has a large trade deficit with the EU, simply meaning, they export more to us, than we do to them. An overall trade deficit with the EU of £67 billion pounds. So, why on earth would the EU want to impose tariffs on the UK? The UK could simply impose higher tariffs on EU goods, and it’s quite clear, they need our market, more than we need theirs!

It is quite clear that the United Kingdom wants to leave the European Union as quickly as possible. Sadly, politicians from the remain side of the debate want to stop that from happening and inhibit the UK from ever leaving the European Union.