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Boris Delivers Devastating Blow To EU Leaders As Team Boris Announce UK Brexit Departure

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has said that the United Kingdom is now on course for a non-Withdrawal-Agreement Brexit. It comes as Team Boris delivers devastating news to EU leaders as the United Kingdom is now fully ready to leave the EU.

It comes as the United Kingdom Parliament took over Parliamentary business last month in order to pass legislation that would stop the UK leaving the EU. Now, the PM is forced to get an extension from the EU if no deal can be reached, but Team Boris are still insisting that the UK will be leaving by the end of October.

A possibility is that Team Boris are working with an EU nation that would block a further extension to Article 50. Article 50 is the legislation that allows for a two year negotiation period for coming up with a withdrawal arrangement, an extension was made in March, now Remainers have forced Boris to seek another one, despite Boris saying we are leaving on the 31st.

Importantly, if an EU nation decides to work with Team Boris and block the passage of another extension from the European Union, it means that the United Kingdom will leave the bloc on a successful no-deal approach, saving the United Kingdom £40 billion.

Team Boris has announced that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, no matter what, on the 31st of October. Many in Brussels are anxious at the move, which could see the UK successful leave the EU and flourish under a no-deal.