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Boris Crushes Remain Hopes Of Stopping Brexit As Public Surge In Support for No Deal

Boris’ tactic of sticking up for the United Kingdom and cementing the 31st of October as the departure date for leaving the European is proving a success suggest the latest opinion polling.

As is currently stands, Boris has said that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union with or without a withdrawal arrangement. There has been uproar from the Remain side, specifically Labour, who have said they may table a motion of no confidence to bring down the Government.

Jeremy Corbyn has never been clear on Brexit. The Labour Party at one point we’re refusing to support another EU referendum. Labour has now U-turned and now supports reversing the democratic wishes of the 2016 referendum to stop the UK leaving the EU.

Boris was key in taking over from disastrous Theresa May. Boris came out and has said from the start that no negotiation will take place unless the EU drops the backstop, it now seems unlikely, therefore, the UK is preparing itself for a successful No Deal Brexit.

An opinion poll has now suggested a major surge in support for Boris Johnson. This is a key indication that the public now trust Boris to deliver a No Deal Brexit by the end of October.

The YouGov poll puts the Tories nine points above the Labour Party on 31 percent. Respondents also found Boris was twice as popular with 39 percent saying the former London Mayor would make a good Prime Minister compared with 19 percent for Mr Corbyn.