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Boris’ Brexit Plan Has French Livid As UK Will Now Block France Fishing In UK Waters

Team Boris has irritated the French Leader, Emanuel Macron, has Boris is now committed to the United Kingdom blocking foreign vessels fishing in United Kingdom waters.

Team Boris has hit back at the French, after Macron suggested that French vessels should be allowed to fish in British waters after October 31st.

Boris has made it entirely clear, that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU by October, in an attempt to dismiss uncertainty, Boris is fully preparing the UK to walk away without a withdrawal arrangement.

The Common Fisheries Policy is a key aspect of the United Kingdom’s EU membership. It allows foreign vessels to fish and access UK waters, which makes British Fishermen livid.

As it currently stands, the UK is fully preparing to leave the EU by October. It is hoped that Boris will take the United Kingdom fully out the EU with no arrangement on withdrawal, this way, we save £39 billion.

Theresa May failed to get her withdrawal arrangement passed through Parliament – which was great, as it meant that the risk of being trapped in the EU forever was avoided, but on the other hand, it wasn’t, due to the longer delay in the UK not leaving the EU.