Home News Anna Soubry has breakdown over pro-Brexit protesters on Live TV

Anna Soubry has breakdown over pro-Brexit protesters on Live TV

Anna Soubry, a staunch remainer of the Conservative Party was in a near fit of tears as she appeared on a BBC interview. It comes as a group of pro-Brexit supporters were heard shouting “Soubry is a liar” repeatedly over the news broadcast and then declaring that she was also a “Nazi”. The MP has now asked the police to prosecute those who chanted in yellow vests, telling the police “to do their jobs”.

It took a turn when chants turned to a drowning out of “Soubry is a nazi”, Soubry looked as though she was going to breakdown in a fit of tears. The former minister then declared: “what has happened to our country?”. Many on social media were quick to point out that she is actively trying to reverse the decision people made to leave the European Union and are furious with the MP.

Ms Soubry angrily objected to being called a “Nazi”, she then added that the language used by the protesters was “astonishing”. Adding, that she would not be silenced nor intimidated but it was wrong that MPs and others doing their job in such a public space should “have to accept this as part of the democratic process”. Many have said that the MP has brought it on herself by being so anti-Brexit and by “defying” the will of the people, she is facing what comes with trying to overturn the referendum, which is “anger”.

The speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow made a comment, stating: “Female members, and in a number of cases I’m advised, female journalists have been subjected to aggressive protest and what many would regard as harassment.” he added: “I can assure the House that I am keeping a close eye on events and I will speak to those who advise me about these matters.”.