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Anger as London ‘Foreign’ Man Mocks Soldier While he is on Duty

A video shows the moment a ‘foreign’ man can be seen standing around and harassing a British soldier outside the area he is Guarding.  The thuggish looking man ca be seen making gestures and pointing at the soldier as he is on duty.

The unidentified man wearing a red hat and a jacket can be seen getting up close to the military personnel before poking fun and making bizarre hand gestured towards the serving military personnel outside their duty area.

It is not clear why the man thought the need to obstruct the serving military personnel but there has been widespread outrage as the man tries to make fun of the Guard. The man can be seen putting his hands towards the military personnel and causing a nuisance.

At one point the man wanders up to another military man and is shouted at and told to back off.  It is not the first time military personnel have come under such abuse from members of the public in such a public manner.

Many are now calling for the man to be named and shamed as he disrespected serving military personnel while on duty.  It is not the first time this has happened as previous video show the man doing it more than once.